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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we're going to continue to bring you updates here. back to you in the studio. if you are just joining us here on news4 at 4, we're covering breaking news this hour. a man shot near 17th and e streets. creating quite a scene near the white house and shutting down streets around the area, drawing huge crowds and a huge police presence. the man reportedly shot in the chest. he reportedly approached the white house, the east side of the white house, the 17th street side, we should say, which would be the west side, carrying a weapon and reportedly refused to put the weapon down. a
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plain sight. walked through the fence and ignored orders to drop the weapon and was shot by police on the scene. >> yeah, we've been pushing out updates on our nbc washington app and updating this story on our nbc washington facebook page. our reporters are on scene. we want to back down to the street where mark segraves is near the area of 17th and e. what are you seeing, hearing, wh where you are, mark? >> reporter: we're 17th and d street, a block from where this happened. if you look down this sidewalk, you can see secret service agents in their dark suits walking up and down the salk. that seems to be the epicenter of where this scene began. that is just outside the old office building on 17th street. the streets in this area are all
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clo closed. we are hear the helicopters buzzing overhead circling this area, and police cars raising in and out. a d.c. official told me they got a call at 3:17 p.m. of a man shot on 17th street. that man has been transported to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound. let me give you a feel of what's going on. a beautiful day down here, so a lot of tourists out. if you're parked down here, your car isn't going anywhere. secret service, this is about as close as they're letting anyone get to the action. as a matter of fact, we had to park blocks away and circumnavigate our way in here on foot. secret service takes these kinds of things very seriously. park police helicopter over us. we understand from jackie bensen they believe they've located
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suspect's car. i talked to one of the food vendors and she told me she heard a shot and next thing she knew a police officer was telling her to get out of her truck and get out of the area. we're at 17th and d street reporting live. mark se gragravesegraves. mayor bowser is reportedly coordinating with federal law enforcement partners. these are live pictures of the police gathered outside the white house. the shooting took place again near 17th and d streets. 17th and d streets on the west side of the old executive office building. >> we have a new development we want to bring you. the lockdown that had been in place at the white house has just been
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so that should signal a sort of change in tone from an active shooter investigation into more of a pure investigation in which they will be trying to piece together exactly what happened. again, the lockdown has been lifted at the white house. we want to go back now live out to jackie bensen. she is still on the scene. jackie, have you seen any change or what are you seeing and hearing where you are on your side of the white house? all right. we're not getting jackie right now. she is obviously trying to talk to people there on the scene and get some more information. she is where they think the vehicle that this man had drove up to the area in may be. we'll get back to her in a second, but let's pivot over to the live desk. >> we have another incident within close range to this. d.c. fire and emergency medical services reporting now a
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a couple blocks from this scene at the 1400 block of pennsylvania avenue. no reason to believe those are related, but you have more emergency medical folks going to this proximate area. multiple reports that vice president biden is at the white house complex right now. vice president biden is there. here's the timeline on president obama. he was at the white house as of 12:00. he was at a zika briefing with public health officials. at 1:00 he departed. 1:30 he arrived for a golf outing. at last report that's where he was right now, but the vice president is there at the scene today. as we have just learned from d.c. fire and emergency medical services now, a pedestrian struck. there is an emergency response about three blocks from the picture you're seeing along pennsylvania avenue. back to you. >> all right, scott macfarlane. a pedestrian hit now at the 1400
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we'll continue to check in with you on that. meanwhile, we are going to go back to the witness. >> the witness. >> yes, the witness. >> yeah, as we saw earlier, there were a ton of people standing outside the white house there. bright, beautiful day. a lot of people were witness to what happened. we were able to speak to someone who got a very clear look at exactly how this went down. >> i was going to yell gun, but i was afraid it would turn to me. but actually he ended up [ sirens ] >> i saw the secret officers come around him. they surrounded him. they gave him multiple chances to stop his advance. he refused. he just kept walking with his gun in plain sight. >> a witness there who saw the suspect with a weapon in plain sight. the suspect now shot and hospitalized. let's go
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bensen who is on constitution avenue. jackie? >> reporter: we want to show you what's going on. a very active scene here. this is the block where we think that investigators have located a vehicle they believe may be connected with this suspect, this man who was shot. what we have seen in the last couple of minutes are vehicles from the d.c. police department special operation division. they are essentially the bomb squad, and it would be very standard procedure that if they locate a vehicle they think it is associated with this man, they would want to make sure there are no devices in there that could be harmful and harm anyone on the scene. of course, this section of constitution avenue is yellow taped off and there is a heavy police presence in this block where it looks like they have found a vehicle they think might be associated with this suspect. d.c. police broadcast a couple of lookouts. one was for a toyota, but i can't get close
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to see exactly what type of vehicle this is. this area is very likely to be closed down for sometime on this friday afternoon rush hour. back to you. >> yeah, jackie. i remember speaking to you about eight weeks ago when you had that shooting at the capitol visitors center. do they bring in special teams to go through this car to make sure there are no explosives inside? >> reporter: what we saw over there is an explosive sniffing dog as well as several advocave from the d.c. special operations unit. they are the bomb squad. they are the people that would look at this vehicle, make sure it was safe, then they would tow it away as evidence in the investigation into what happened here this afternoon near the white house. >> all right. great context. thank you,
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of the others have mentioned the closures. this has happened at the worst possible time when the rush hour is just about to get started and workers are leaving their offices. a lot of tourists in and around white house grounds. the streets 15th through 17th on constitution avenue are closed right now. there is an accident, a pedestrian accident, not far from this. we just learned from scott macfarlane in the 1400 block of pennsylvania avenue. let's go back to scott macfarlane and mark segraves. >> reporter: yeah we're down here on 17th and d street. this is about a block away from where this shooting happened. we're looking up toward pennsylvania avenue. where you see all the lights and
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the crime tape, that is the stee of the old executive office building. we believe that's exactly where the shooting took place. also, but across the ellipse through the trees on the service road that runs behind the white house there is a big staging area with a lot of police officers. other flashing lights there as well. i just talked to one law enforcement official who tells me right now this is a secret service matter. the secret service is the lead agency in charge. but if the suspect or the person who was shot dies, at that point this becomes a matter for the d.c. police to investigate. but as of right now, this remains a secret service matter. things have certainly calmed down here a bit. we don't see the helicopter hovering overhead anymore, but again large crowds gathering on the corner of 17th and d street. just about a half a block where this incident happened. they got
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this afternoon for a man shot on 17th street near e street. that is just outside of the white house gate. president obama is not inside the white house today. again, things seem to be calming down here, but again a lot of roads closed here. a lot of activity still, and a lot of people standing around watching, wanting to know what's going on. i spoke to one woman who was standing on the sidewalk when the shot rang out. she heard the shot. within seconds of that, there was a police officer telling her to move from the scene. right now, this is a secret service matter. but if the person who was shot actually dies, at that point, that investigation becomes a matter for the d.c. police. mark segraves, news4. >> it can be difficult when you have so many different agencies working in such close proximity to each other as you do in the heart of washington. can be difficult to discern
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over what, so we appreciate you making that clear, mark. >> let's go back to the live desk. scott macfarlane. >> we're getting a better sense of the sequence of events. this man was shot by u.s. secret service officers or an officer after the man brandished a weapon at the checkpoint and refused to put that weapon down. that is very similar to the last incident like this, march 28th, at the capitol visitors center where a man came in, brandished a weapon, capitol police ordered him to put it down, he didn't, and police wounded him critically. there was a be on the lookout order. he was known to law enforcement. we're checking right now with u.s. capitol police to see if there was a be on the lookout for any individuals today.
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movement of people. what a busy day it is at laugh yat park and f -- lafayette park. it's a highly concentrated area for visitors. we're checking with law enforcement to see if this man was known to law enforcement today. did secret service heighten its security today? u.s. secret service has a training ground, a kind of a mock white house in prince george's county at which it trains for scenarios, including open shooters. so they do train for this physically in maryland. a mock white house with a mock white house grounds. unless this individual passes away, it shifts to the metropolitan police department, a d.c. police investigation. back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. we're going to go back down to the scene. shomari stone is on the other
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side of the executive office building. what are you seeing, hearing at this point, shomari? >> reporter: we actually talked to a man who actually heard shots, but before we get to that, i'm going to set the scene where i'm at. i'm at 17th street and f street northwest. you look across the street. you have tourists, a lot of folks in town who are trying to get to the white house. this is the dwight d. eisenhower building to the left. mark segraves is on the other side about two blocks away. that shooting occurred at 17th and e street about 3:00 d.c. police said. i'm joined by otis. he is in town from detroit, michigan. he was with a group of people who were supposed to go to the white house to receive a presidential award. i want you to tell me what you heard. >> i was outside the gates. we were going to actually the security checkpoint. heard a couple gunshots.
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running down the street with their guns drawn. they were like everybody just run this way, run this way. as we were coming back, i heard one more shot, so it was three total. >> reporter: you're here in town to get an award from the white house for community service, correct me if i'm wrong. then a shooting occurs. what's going through your mind as a tourist? >> i'm like wow, of all places. it is very unfortunate, very unfortunate. but seeing secret service running down with their guns drawn -- i'm from detroit. we don't see that there. >> reporter: i lived at eight mile. i know what you're talking about. they have this area blocked off. the white house is still on lockdown. you have people who work in the federal department of insurance, the building, which is the corporate building, right over there and they're not going inside.
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there are a lot of people who are also trying to figure out what exactly happened. there are people around here who actually heard the shots fired, as you just heard from otis bellinger from detroit. a lot of people are continuing to follow this on facebook, instagram, and twitter at nbc washington. >> shomari, we reported earlier that the lockdown at the white house has been lifted. are you seeing anyone going into or out of the old executive office building or the white house? >> reporter: well, that's interesting. i don't see anyone going into the executive office building. the folks that were supposed to go there believe it is still on lockdown. i'm glad you presented that information. i'm going to let them know. many of them were supposed to go in and get an award as you just heard and they've not been able to. you can see these
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many of them are waiting trying to figure out when they can leave and either go to the dwight d. eisenhower building or the white house. a lot of people are on standby, snapping pictures of the scene, taking this all in as we speak. many of them are pleased that president barack obama wasn't in the white house at the time. actually out golfing around 1:00 today. that's when he was not there. meanwhile many of them say this is for some exciting. they're here in d.c. on a very nice spring day and this happens and they're trying to take it all in. >> you have covered so many of these types of situations. but for the people there, you walk out of your office building and you see the entire area surrounded by police. you step off your tour bus and there's armed officers, you know, running everywhere, pushing people down the street. not for you, but for them, i
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surreal, anxious, scary experience. >> reporter: very surreal and anxious, especially for the families who are here. you have children, schools, wanting to go to the white house and go by the fence and snap the picture just to take it all in. popular tourist attraction. when they hear a shooting, many of them are concerned. you have parents talking to their kids. teachers talking to the kids saying everything is okay, trying to calm their concerns, especially when you see law enforcement, this huge presence. you have police cars coming down the street. sirens. you have security officers, secret service. you have all of them out here. many of them trying to keep things cool, making sure people do not cross the street and go to the eisenhower building. they're trying to keep the calm and they're doing a pretty good job as far as we can see. very polite in telling people we don't know
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going to last, but we want you to stay on the sidewalk. people are listening. the secret service officers are very polite in the way they're communicating with them, and a lot of them are just trying to take all of this in. >> shomari, great work out there. we'll check back in with you in just a few minutes. we have crews deployed all around the white house, the executive office building. right now constitution avenue is blocked between 15th and 17th streets. we know one person has been medevaced to a hospital outside that area after this shooting. what we're getting from nbc's pete williams is that someone approached the checkpoint or approached the white house grounds with a gun and was then shot. we want to go back now to mark segraves who is there on the scene on the other side of the executive office building from where we just saw shomari. >> reporter: we got some new information. our photo journalist just interviewed a woman who was an
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she saw a man wearing a navy t-shirt walking around on the lipse, which is just to my left here. you can see a large crowd of activity. police officers, secret service agents all gathered in that area. that is the area that the woman described. this is just outside the fence perimeter is where she said she saw the man brandishing a handgun. she saw secret service approach him and then shoot at him. here's exactly what she told news4 just moments ago. >> i look over to my right and there's a man walking towards us, so i grab my boyfriend's hand and i said, do you see that gun right there. so he had a gun out just in plain sight. it wasn't even hidden. he kind of walks in between around a group of crowds, walks in between a few cars. at the same time, we saw the police officers come in and
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>> reporter: and so this scene that you're looking at now through these trees is the exact area where that eyewitness just described to you firsthand here on news4 what she saw. again, a man walking in this grassy area brandishing a handgun. police approaching the man and ultimately shooting him. again, that is the very latest information that we have. of course, this is a fluid situation. the confirmation that we have from d.c. fire is that they arrived on the scene at 3:17 this afternoon and they were here for a man shot at 17th street and e street at the white house. that's the latest. >> again, that suspect now hospitalized. no indication that police are looking for anyone else, but certainly heavy police presence there at the scene where the shooting took place about 50 minutes ago now at 17th and e streets northwest. creating havoc there outside and
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house grounds. >> that's right. we invite you to please continue to follow us online on keep your apps handy because we have been pushing out alerts. we'll continue just as soon
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4:00. we're back with more on our breaking news. we came on the air early with reports that shots were fired outside the white house. since then, we have learned that one man has been shot near 17th and e streets and that person has been medevaced to a hospital outside the area. >> a man who was brandishing a weapon on the ellipse in the open. a man who reportedly refused to drop the weapon and then was shot we believe by secret service officers. the president was not in the white house at the time. the vice president was. the white house went on lockdown for a while. that lockdown was lifted a short while ago. >> i think from some of the witnesses that we have been able to speak to, people who were there as it happened, the pieces are starting to come together a bit more as to what went down here. we have heard from two people that now say they saw a man walking around the
4:26 pm
plain view. they were able to see it and that he walked around people. he walked between vehicles. so this wasn't someone who immediately pulled a gun and started shooting. this was someone who was walking towards a specific area with a gun drawn that people could see. and when he got close to the white house, that is when the officers confronted him and ultimately that is when he was shot. we did hear from one witness who said they were yelling at him to stop, stop, stop, and drop the gun and he did not and kept going. >> what you're seeing are pictures of police searching what we believe could be the suspect's vehicle there found at the scene. they're trying to determine whether in fact that is the vehicle that belonged to the suspect and obviously searching for any evidence that would tie him to this or would help explain why he was t
4:27 pm
he was up to. >> that is right down constitution avenue where jackie bensen was reporting live in the last 30 minutes. she saw the vehicle. she saw the officers around it. she said the bomb squad was there checking it out. we see more investigators on the scene starting to look through this vehicle to see if indeed it did belong to the man who brought the gun to the white house. >> let's go to mark segraves. scott macfarlane at the live desk. >> pat, let me take it here. we have a statement now from the white house saying everyone at the white house is safe and accounted for. no one within or associated with the white house was injured today. we get that statement from the white house. they also acknowledge that president obama has been notified about this incident. at last report, he was at joint base andrews. he departed around 1:00. got there around 1:30 for a golf outing. as we look at this picture, which i think is
4:28 pm
far from where this vehicle was en route to joint base andrews. he departed from an entrance at 15th and e street. all of this within close range to the white house grounds, the vehicle and the gunfire today. president obama has been briefed. everybody at the white house safe and accounted for according to a new statement just in from the white house. >> thank you very much, scott. great context there. we want to go back to jackie bensen who is just feet away from where these officers are investigating this vehicle. >> reporter: we're going to show you what we see down here. take a look down constitution avenue there. you can see members of the d.c. police department special operations division as well as secret service agents surrounding a white vehicle. we believe it is a chevy malibu that has pennsylvania tags. we believe that is the vehicle that has been identified as being linked to this suspect. now, i am told that the secret
4:29 pm
going through that vehicle because there is a concern that there is some additional ammunition, possibly other weapons in there. that is the reason for the presence of the bomb squad. now this is called in police terminology clearing the vehicle to make sure that it is safe to have it towed away and examined for evidence. i understand that this vehicle was located here literally right behind the white house within minutes of when this shooting happened. again, right now we have secret service agents and members of the d.c. police special operations division going through a white vehicle. you can see its hood is up. a chevy malibu that we are told has pennsylvania license plates that is believed, chris, to be connected to this man who was shot near the white house gate on the 17th street side. >> jackie, i want to follow up. they think that possibly there
4:30 pm
but right now there's no evidence there was any sort of explosive, correct? >> reporter: no. my understanding is the reason they are going through that vehicle is -- they believe there is some additional ammunition in there and possibly additional weapons. >> got you. thank you. >> jackie bensen. let's go back to shomari stone. shomari, you are at 17th and f streets. tell us what the scene is around that area. >> reporter: well, right now you have secret service officers who are standing at f street northwest and 17th street, and they are making sure that people do not cross the street to go onto the white house grounds. you have the dwight d. eisenhower building and a lot of folks who work in federal buildings around here. they cannot go into their offices right now. at least that's what they're telling me. they're waiting on this s
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i want to introduce you to lamont. he is an actor who starred in a movie called "why did i get married." he was going in with an organization. they were supposed to receive a presidential award for their community service. you're from the d.c. area. what's going through your mind right now? >> unfortunately, this isn't new to me. being here, you see these kind of procedures happen from time to time for whatever reason, but unfortunately we've seen this a little more frequently in recent years. you're just hoping nobody is hurt. you're hoping our law enforcement officers and that our public officials are all in good shape. this looks like it is pretty much coming to a close, so that's encouraging. >> reporter: someone was shot. you were about to go into the white house, so you didn't know what was going on outside. i want you to explain that process quickly for me. >> it was interesting. right at the point where i'm
4:32 pm
identification and out of nowhere you have different officers of different agencies that just descended upon that entry point with the quickest speed, literally moving people out of the way. get out of the way. up the street. get across the street. whatever it was. it was a little chaotic for a second. >> reporter: have you received word that you're not going to get your award today and it will be rescheduled? >> yeah. we're ready. we're unified. we're on our feet. contingency plans are in order to make some kind of adjustments so we can still go through with the incredible event that we have planned. if we can't do it on these grounds, we'll find an alternative location. >> reporter: i want to thank you for joining us. it is always good to see somebody from the district do so incredibly well so professionally. we're here at 17
4:33 pm
street. as you can see, the united states secret service has this area completely blocked off. you have a lot of tourists here who are trying to decide what to do. many of them planned on walking down 17th street to get to the washington monument. they can't go that way, so many of them are either trying to take alternate streets or they're saying forget this. i'm going to go have lunch somewhere. they're just waiting to see when they can get the clearance to go down 17th street. many of them wanted to go to the white house. you had people who were trying to get to the white house to take pictures. you have schools here. a lot of folks are just on standby waiting to hear the next order from the secret service. back to you. >> wouldn't be surprised if they don't get back into the white house at all today.
4:34 pm
that lockdown has reportedly been lifted, but people are still in place. there isn't a whole lot of activity going into those buildings. you're looking at live pictures there on the scene -- this is on constitution avenue where police are searching this vehicle, the vehicle they believe may have belonged to the suspect, searching for additional ammunition, trying to determine if there is more ammunition inside that car. >> it is a chevy malibu. jackie bensen was hearing there was a concern that there may be additional ammunition and weapons inside that vehicle, inside the malibu, but there were no explosives. i think looking at this scene you can tell it seems like they have sort of cleared that potential out of the way because these are obviously not -- some of these people are not bomb squad officers.
4:35 pm
investigators who are now looking through the car. we can see some of the people, normal people in d.c., walking not too far behind there. again the trunk is open, the side door is open. they have been going through that chevy malibu. >> mark segraves, what are you seeing now where you are? >> reporter: yeah, we are still here on 17th and d street. if you like up 17th street toward pennsylvania avenue, you can see where it's blocked off. this is where fire department responded at 3:17 p.m. for reports of a man shot. we just spoke with an eyewitness who described the scene of seeing a man on the ellipse with a handgun and open. if we look through the trees here across this grass area, it is the ellipse. it is typically open during the day. you can see that large cluster of people in dark suits. those
4:36 pm
according to the woman who talked toing t talked news4, she described the scene of a man wearing a navy t-shirt with a handgun in that area walking around. he was then approached by police, who told him to put down the weapon. he did not comply with those orders. ultimately, police shot that man. he has been transported to a local hospital priority one. those are life-threatening injuries according to d.c. fire and ems. right now, this situation is under the control of the united states secret service. if that man is to die, law enforcement agencies say this becomes a matter for the d.c. police department to investigate. right now this is still under the authority of the united states secret service. it appears that a man with a handgun on the ellipse had a handgun and was shot by police sometime just after 3:00 this afternoon. things have calmed down a bit
4:37 pm
outside the perimeter here. still a lot of tourists trying to get a look to see what's going on, but we no longer have the helicopters overhead or the sirens buzzing around. this is an active investigation. we're going to keep you up to the investigation as we get it. that's the very latest. reporting live, mark segraves. d.c. mayor muriel bowser has been briefed by her public safety team. president obama, he, too, has been briefed on the situation. vice president biden was there at the white house. everybody there is just fine. the lockdown has been lifted. we're going to stay on top of this story. we'll be pushing out alerts. we'll be updating the story on our facebook pages as well as our
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you're watching "news4 at 4:00," where we're following the breaking news just outside the white house grounds. several witnesses have told us they saw a man walking around the ellipse with a gun, holding a gun, in plain view. he walked around people. he walked between vehicles, and he started to approach the white house grounds. officers then confronted him. one witness says they yelled stop, stop, drop the gun. he did not. he apparently continued forward th
4:41 pm
he has since been medevaced to a nearby hospital. several streets around the white house are still closed. the live picture you're looking at right there is a chevy malibu that they believe, they think, belonged to the man who had the gun. as jackie bensen discovered from talking to her sources, they think there may have been more ammunition and weapons inside there. we're going to stay on top of this story. we're following breaking news involving metro this afternoon. we have just learned metro has fired 20 managers, including seven senior managers. the senior manager announced it in a memo. 1/3 of the managers who were terminated worked in rail operations. one of the reasons there were so many witnesses to this breaking news is this has been probably one of the most
4:42 pm
in the past month. >> and doug, is it going to be the last for a while? >> it is going to be the last beautiful day out there, at least for the next three or four days because we have another storm system moving our way right now. beautiful conditions. 75 degrees across our area right now. 75 d.c. beautiful in new york. beautiful all around. really with no rain. we have seen rain just about every time we've hit the 70s. the first day with no rain. temperatures in the mid 70s. gorgeous weather across our region today. storm team 4 radar shows what's coming our way. here's a storm system back to the west. this storm system will move to our west and another one will develop down to the south and east. that will bring more rain to our region. rain by morning. expect it to be steady and moderate at times, most likely right on through the early afternoon. then we'll s
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through the day. afternoon temperatures tomorrow only in the 50s. if you're thinking about heading to the preakness, this goes for anywhere in our area. temperatures fall with the rain coming in. rain, rain, and then showers tomorrow evening. make
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and we are continuing to follow breaking news at this hour outside the white house. a man shot outside white house grounds after refusing to drop a weapon. witnesses say he was brandishing right out in the open. scott macfarlane has an update for us. >> they're saying now the man who was shot after brandishing the weapon was shot by a u.s. secret service agent. if you go to the white house grounds a lot, you know that secret service agents often are different in get-up than secret service officers. the ones who run the checkpoints and entrances, the officers, tend to wear standard law enforcement outfits. look very much like police only with secret service badging. secret service agents often can be seen with suits. kind of the visual you have with secret service from the movies. the individual that was shot today shot by a secret service agent. our
4:47 pm
the white house reported that the man was wearing a gray u.s. navy logo t-shirt and had no facial expression. we're getting update from the white house that indicate they have resumed normal business. the white house issued a proclamation that this is national safe boating week. the lockdown is lifted. business returning to normal at the white house as the investigation continues outside. chris and pat. >> scott, just to follow up on that new information that you just brought us, the fact that he was shot by a u.s. secret service agent. witnesses say they saw this man walking around the ellipse with that gun drawn moving toward the white house. we also heard from another witness who said he was in the checkpoint line about to go into the white house and he heard those gunshots. piecing this
4:48 pm
information together, does that give us a better idea of how close he was to the white house, the fact this was a secret service officer that shot him instead of a park police officer? >> yeah, it would indicate some proximity to the white house. going through those checkpoints is a long process. you can stand feet away from that checkpoint and be there quite awhile. you have to clear it in advance. get an appointment. have to give your birthday, your place of birth, your social security number. people who wait in line are often kind of standing in that queue for a while. his proximity is underscored by the fact that it was a secret service agent, but the men who man that checkpoint are secret service officers. secret service agencies are those dressed in maybe a suit or something that would be distinguishable from a police officer uniform, chris. >> all right, scott macfarlane there at the live desk.
4:49 pm
from life-threatening injuries. >> we've been following this breaking news all afternoon. we came on the area early. it may seem like there is almost nothing else going on today. that's not the case because there is some other big news today from the fda of all places. >> absolutely. this is really big news. we've been reporting on this day after day for weeks and finally today some real big movement. what's happening here is the food and drug administration announced they are having new requirements for most packaged food and also drinks in the united states. the changes will include the following. they're updating those calories and servings to reflect a more accurate amount of food that we eat each day. also labels must include how many grams of sugar have been added by manufacturers. you're going to see dual column labels that will say per serving and per
4:50 pm
ice cream only to learn it was more than a serving and the words calories from fat will be removed because research found showing the type of fat is more important to people than total fat. the finalized nutrition facts labels will be on products nationwide and the government says it will help families make healthier choices. most food manufacturers will be required to use the new labels by the summer of 2018, which is big news for so many people. today the food and drug administration said these new requirements are huge for food and drinks for all of us. it really makes things for all of us so much easier because they're so hard to read if you have noticed over the years. >> this is big for families. i mean, this really changes how you discern what is healthy, what is not, what is in the food i'm buying. >> they've been asking people for suggestions on their website for months. what they're doing today really is coming from allf
4:51 pm
people who have written suggestions on their website, so they have listened to what people really want, what is important to them on labels, and they're actually putting them right now on all of the boxes. >> a lot of people do read those labels. >> they do. me included. >> me too. again, like we said, we have been following this breaking news. we came on the air early. we started pushing out alerts on the nbc washington app. we have been updating this story all afternoon on as well as our facebook page. our crews on the scene have been updating us, getting to those witnesses who have been describing what they saw. we've had several people tell us now that they saw the man walking around the ellipse with that gun out. these people saw the gun in his hand. they said he passed by people and was actually walking between vehicles on his way to the white house. >> and that man was shot by a secret service agent, as we just learned from scott
4:52 pm
he was in the security check line, getting very close to the white house, when he was shot. the president was not at the white house at the time. he left the white house around 1:00 this afternoon en route for andrews air force base for a golf outing there. this happened right around 3:00. the vice president, however, vice president joe biden, we learned later this afternoon or earlier now, that he was in the white house at the time of the shooting and the time the white house was locked down, creating quite a lot of chaos there on a sunny afternoon, a friday afternoon in washington, when there are lots of tourists and lots of visitors who were anticipating getting into the white house. all of that brought into a standstill by the shooting incident outside the white house grounds. >> we got some new information, a better picture of who this was. it was a white male aut
4:53 pm
with sandy blond hair. he was wearing a
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we are continuing our coverage of breaking news at this hour. chaos and gunfire at the white house after a man who witnesses say was openly
4:56 pm
on the ellipse, tried to approach the white house, went through the security checkpoint, and was shot there when he refused orders to drop the gun. the man has been hospitalized with life sustaining injuries. the white house lockdown has been lifted. it's been quite a day of chaos there at the white house and around the grounds. >> look, there have been a ton of witnesses out there telling us they saw what went down out there. the reason for that it is the first warm sunny day we have had in i don't know how long, so tourists were packed down in that area. we want to go to the storm center and amelia draper. this sunny weather is not going to last. >> yeah, exactly, chris. completely different weather story over the weekend. we'll have rain both days. temperatures tomorrow only in the 50s. sunday not much better in the low 60s. tomorrow we'll for the most part see around an inch of rainfall. more
4:57 pm
more than a quarter of an inch of rain on sunday. next week we're talking about humidity and highs in the 80s. tomorrow not the case. the weather having a high to moderate impact on your day. rain and cool, muddy as well if you're headed up to preakness. 74 in washington. unofficial high today 75. 77 in leesburg. 75 up in frederick. tomorrow, our only concern is going to be heavy rain. we're not talking about any thunderstorms in the forecast. high winds not going to be an issue, but notice near steady temperatures throughout the day in the mid to upper 50s. 7:00 a.m. a temp around 56 degrees. some scattered showers by the evening hours. rain intensity this weekend heavy rain tomorrow. showers in the forecast on sunday. we'll have some dry time on sunday, but not a lot of sunshine. not a great
4:58 pm
work. sunday brunch probably want to consider brunching indoors with a 70% chance of rain. tomorrow a high of 58. sunday a high of 62. on and off showers and drizzle on sunday. monday, more rain in the forecast. we start to warm up a little bit on monday. a high of 68 degrees. tuesday, high temperatures near 80. mostly sunny skies. wednesday also looking nice. finally above normal temps. wednesday a high temperature of 84 degrees. chance of some late day showers and thunderstorms on thursday. also noticing the humidity with a high of 87 on friday. a man armed with a gun outside of the white house and the secret service moved quickly. >> they shot him and he drew his weapon on officers. now the white house lockdown has been lifted. >>
4:59 pm
house is starting to calm down quite a bit now as we get a better handle of just what unfolded. >> shots rang out shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. this happened near 17th and e streets. that's on the cochran side of the white house. the man that the police shot is now in critical condition. >> we have some live team coverage from all around that surrounding scene near the white house. >> we begin with mark segraves. mark, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: i'm standing at 17th and d street here just outside of the white house. you are now looking up 17th street from constitution avenue toward pennsylvania avenue. you can see the crime tape. at 3:17 this afternoon, d.c. fire and rescue responded to this location for reports of a man shot. there was a man on the ellipse we're told by several eyewitnesses they saw a man wearing a navy t-shirt on the ellipse with a handgun
5:00 pm
they say they saw police address the man, order him to stand down and put his weapon down, and he refused. at that point, he was shot by we were told u.s. secret service. now let's take a listen to what one of the eyewitnesses told news4 just about an hour ago. >> he had no facial expression at all. it was as if he was purposely trying to just go out there. it's like he had a mission and he was just doing that. he was wearing khaki cargo pants, a gray shirt that had the u.s. navy symbol on it. yeah, like i said, he had no expression whatsoever. obviously looking at me once is pretty scary. just having nothing on his mind. >> reporter: so right now you're at a live shot. you're looking across the ellipse, this grassy area behind the white house between constitution avenue and the white house. it is usually open to the public as it was earlier today. you see a


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